The main question on our minds when watching is whether or not Lou will succeed in tearing away from her life of corruption and actually bring down Col, the man she's come to love like a brother. Focusing on a teenage girls story, the narrative tries to capture various related problems, teenagers face each day but are too afraid to discuss them. During an investigation, it was found that Chen Nian was bullied by Wei Lai. The story follows a girl who is struggling with severe bullying and the pressure of upcoming college entrance exams, her life becomes intertwined with that of a teenage street thug. This leads to her team raiding a facility run by Col, where they were growing plants that would help them garner more narcotics for supply. Xiao helps her find mental peace to prepare for the exam, which is the only resort to her bright future, but will Wei Lai let her be in harmony? So, what happened with the pair as they became increasingly aware of one another's plans? This crime drama ties together the emotions of the corrupt police officer who is trying to find redemption and the emotions of the drug mafia kingpin, who has also faced a personal tragedy. WebFinal Project. She realizes even though she has no In just five episodes, both writers and directors were able to convey love, friendship, a sense of doubt, and redemption convincingly. I want her to have a happy ending.. He gave her an important win, kick-starting her career, and in return she agreed to turn a blind eye to his crimes as long as he gave her important intel on worse criminals in exchange. After hearing Lous words, Esther came to speak directly to her but said she couldnt come back because shed been used for corrupt ends without her knowledge. She attempts to call the police but is seen and attacked by the thugs as well. Hes also got another movie coming out called Little Red Flower. It is refreshing to watch a male and female lead just being friends and not getting physically involved with each other, which is a usual subplot in a crime drama to catch the eyeballs of the audience. Press J to jump to the feed. Just in time, she escapes after retrieving the said object, and she is stopped by her fellow cops. As part of this, Lou visits Noel (Kaya Moore) in prison with a Yorkshire resettlement program officer but the young criminal doesn't seem to appreciate Lou's attempt at helping him live a "clean life", as she puts it. This now means that Noel will now be serving a much longer sentence, but has remained loyal to Col. Once Lou is informed of this, she breaks down and we later see her attend Vernon's funeral and be handed his personal belongings. This moment seemed to throw some suspicion onto Lou as she appeared to be trying to silence Vernon. The Den of Geek quarterly magazine is packed with exclusive features, interviews, previews and deep dives into geek culture. He interrogates Chen because she was the only one who came forward for Xiaodie. Col's wife slaps him, as she believes that Col loves Lou which he does, but as he states "not in that way". Or will they actually come clean and perhaps help the police take down other criminals in Leeds? Lou is asked by Col to let the case go, but contemplating the changes that are happening in her mind and body, she arrests Noel by stating that the tip of Noels hideout was anonymous, and she has no option but to go ahead and arrest Noel. Lou promises to stay away. As a last chance to save herself, Lou informs Col of the task force heading to his mansion for a raid, telling him he should dispose of any items that would lead to his arrest. Col realizes he can never make an enemy out of Lou because of the long-standing friendship they have had for the past 20 years. The cast of the film includes Zhou Dongyu, Jackson Yee, Yin Fang, Huang Jue, Wu Yue, Zhou Ye, Zhang Xinyi, Liu Ran, Xie Xintong, Zhang Yifan, Zhao Runnan, and Zhang Yao. However, there are many hurdles to Chens pursuit, and the most malignant one is school bullying. If youre looking for something else to watch in the meantime, check out our TV Guide or Streaming Guide visit our dedicated Drama hub. ), WARNING: contains major plot spoilers for BBC drama Better. When Xiao Bei is finally allowed to leave the police station, he runs home to see a bleeding Chen Nian on the floor taping her assignments together with her clothes in tatters and her hair cut. Better sees Lou very messily attempt to extricate herself from the McHugh gang without putting her family at risk, while also trying to right her many wrongs, and decide if she can take her friends empire down with her. Nevertheless, it was also really strong. Col tried to convince her to follow in his footsteps, increasingly pressuring her, which drove her to drugs, and her eventual overdose. Lou was expecting some light at the end of the tunnel kind of answer from Vernon, but all she comes to know is the practical reason stated by Vernon. They realize at the end of the day that it is their kids that ground them, which makes them realize how much pain they have caused people by supplying narcotics. He's emotional recalling his past and talks about a different way of doing things, which is Lou's cue to urge him to go to the police station. In this article, we talked about the ending of Better days, how being bullied at school changed Chens life. Lou had approached him with the hope that he would give her the courage to leave the world of the drug crime syndicate without letting Col know about it. Cols being in denial about it will not help him either. How Is He Related To Pope? They start to make personal cuts, divvy out the money and Lou calls people anonymously to give them tips about crimes and perpetrators. Xiao Bei is picked to be in a line up and gets stuck at the police station nearly all night. She did leave a letter and it was one that told her mother and brother how much she loved him, but simply said "f**k you" to Col, which he said led to the fire going out in him. Chen approaches the girl and they walk home together, followed by Xiao, and before the credits roll there are a few scenes expaling the policies of Chnese government that has enacted since the event to prevent bullying in schools. After her classmate, Hu Xiaodie, commits suicide because of school bullying, Chen Nian finds herself the new victim of "queen bee" and vicious school bully Wei Lai and her friends. Throwing the gun into the water, he agrees finally done with being in his criminal underworld. On the night of Cols birthday dinner, Lou heads there alone, her phone taken away by Cols henchmen for security reasons. They drive to the police station together at dawn and, in an exceptionally clever use of anti-climax, theres no-one on reception, so these two titans of good and evil end up having to sit in the waiting area until a police officer comes on duty. Whenever I see him I'm reminded of Do Kyungsoo since they have similar backgrounds of being a great actor who started out as an idol. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The attackers mock her trying to save Xiao Bei and beat both of them until they finally get Chen Nian to kiss Xiao Bei as a A Man Called Otto Ending, Explained: Does Otto Find A Reason To Live? And how did Cols daughter really die? When Bei is finally allowed to leave the police station, he quickly runs home to see Chen bleeding on the floor. Col and Lou's longstanding friendship got shakier and shakier, before eventually collapsing ahead of the final episode. The underbelly of various crime syndicates is something worth exploiting every time a crime drama is released. The character arc of Chen Nian is in a constant struggle to forget the bullying, move on with it. Even though he is criticized for not killing her, Col stands his ground by letting Lou live. Without his protection, Chen Nian is caught by the bullies who cut her hair, beat, and strip her, all the while filming her. The body is later found to be Wei Lai. [26], Better Days grossed more than US$80 million dollars on its opening weekend in China. Four Good Days is a drama film that is based on the true-life story of Amanda Wendler (Molly) and Libby Alexander Explained. It is at this point whereBetter Daysplay with your mind. Vernon gave a full confession for Bulgeys death and was being held in a secure unit on account of his arm, which needed to be healed before he was allowed to mix with the rest of the prison population. I would never wanna speak for her. We now understand her sense of loss more deeply. Col admits he knows she was trying to be better for Owen after nearly losing him as he lay in hospital, and the pair connect once again. The first flashback takes us to the Season 5 episode "Bagman," when Jimmy and Mike face a harrowing two days in Readers in the US are encouraged to visit or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Having nowhere else to go, Chen Nian goes to Xiao Beis house and asks him to protect her while she continues studying for and eventually takes the college entrance exam. We both want it to end, we both know we have to pay, there is no way out. Later, she tried to see Vernon but he refused to meet with her as tension mounted about whether she would also go down. In a very beautiful final montage, we see Xiao and Chen in different police vans, being transferred to a separate juvenile home. The BBC crime thriller's season finale ends on one hell of a cliffhanger. Curtis asked Col what he wanted to do with Bulgey now out of the picture and Slack no longer protecting them, saying they needed a plan. The series, which is already gaining comparisons to Happy Valley, focused on a corrupt Leeds police officer DI Lou Slack (played by Leila Farzad) trying to go straight and take down informant and crime lord Col McHugh (Andrew Buchan) after working with the shady gangster for so long. But on top of that, the film is a wonderful piece of love and sacrifice that will touch your heart. Ending is better There was a thing as Ive said before called Christianity Ending is better than mending The ethics and philosophy of under-consumption I love new clothes I love new clothes I love. During this time, Xiao Bei opens up about his past. A man discovers a body, and that body was of Wei Lai, police investigated Chen Nian as the main suspect for her murder. During this time, they both started to spend a lot of time with each other and got very close. The screen then cut to black as it was uncertain what had happened to them after they confessed all. The film has also won several accolades and had been nominated in various categories. Elsewhere, Esther (Olivia Nakintu) takes an extended period of leave after finding out about Lou's corruption but Lou visits her home to tell her that the force needs more people like her. Thank youu Ill be sure to check it out !!. 26th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award, List of submissions to the 93rd Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film, List of Hong Kong submissions for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film, "Long-Delayed Film 'Better Days' Gets Surprise Release in China", "China Box Office: 'Better Days' Steps Out as World's Top-Grossing Film", "128 15 2019 Mtime", "Hong Kong Picks 'Better Days' as Oscars Contender", "Oscars Shortlists Announced in Nine Categories", "Movie helps raise awareness of school bullying in China", "Chinese youth drama film "Better Days" hits big screen in North America", "Chinese Pic 'Better Days' is Yanked From Berlin Film Festival", "Review: 'Better Days' escaped Chinese censorship to become one of year's best films", "Film Set in China's Cultural Revolution Is Pulled From the Berlin festival's Generation section", "Better Days expected to soar to blockbuster status", "Best Chinese Movies of the 2010s, Ranked", "The Chinese government didn't want you to see 'Better Days.' Bad Ending: In this ending, instead of boarding the helicopter, you pick up the bag and stay behind while the NPCs ride away. Their friendship stands the test of loyalty eventually, and they stand up for each other. Jackson Yee is turning out to be an amazing actor. After her classmate, Hu Xiaodie, commits suicide because of school bullying, Chen Nian finds herself the new victim of "queen bee" and vicious school bully Wei Lai and her friends. Subscribe to Radio Times magazine and get 12 issues for 1. Adriano is dead while Laura is alive. She asks that he don't go after their family and even hands over the gun to him. This led Lou to think shes the one who discovered Aoife dead, until he confessed what really happened in the final scene. Chen demands that she never wants to see Wei again then she will stay quiet. Cols business is in narcotics, and he has made sure his contraband reaches all its frequent users. All Rights Reserved. Without Sin Ending Explained: Who Killed Maisie Tomlinson? Shooting him to protect her, Vernon willingly takes the fall to keep her safe, even as his house burns down. Here's everything you need to know as the series reached its nail-biting conclusion. Her friend, Hu Xiaodie, who committed suicide, was constantly bullied by three girls in school. READ MORE:Denise Welch sparks uproar with Nicola Bulley comments. She asked Col not to hurt her family as she handed over the gun to him. He drinks a bottle of wine as he watches his life go up in smoke. He helps her shave her head and then shaves his too. WebI really hope this film wins the 2021 Academy Award for Best International Feature. When Chen Nian agrees after much discussion, he acts like he is assaulting her and the police caught him. [22][23][24] The film topped the list of MovieWeb's Best Chinese Movies of the 2010s. The sense of loss remains on Chens face as she remembers a guy in her memories. An enthusiast, still a learner, but a curious one. Better has issues but is not so problematic for you to lose interest in it. In fact, both of them mean that it has passed. The film rolls back to the point where it started, an adult Chen teaching to her class. Police detectives Zheng Ye and Lao Yang investigate Hu Xiaodies death, and while interviewing Wei Lai, make it known that Chen Nian has reported being bullied by Wei Lai. He used to paint a lot till that point, and with compromised motor skills, his ability to draw will be affected, but he is not losing hope. There are glimmers of hope in the recovery process.
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